Welcome to my portfolio for any queries please email me
email: katy@kovah.co.uk

My name is Katy Grierson, I have been a freelance Illustrator since 2010, I've loved everything fantasy since I can remember and take a great deal of inspiration from the wilds of the Lake District near to where I live. I love using colour in my work especially if it means I get to draw a dragon which are one of my favourite subjects.I have worked with several TTRPG companies to do both interior and cover illustrations, as well as card and board games.I have co-authored and illustrated a fantasy novel called Sul: From Gold to Iron to Rust.Please contact me via email with any questions or regarding commission work and I will be glad to get back to you.Email - katy@kovah.co.uk

Client list:Critical Role
Hitpoint Press
Steamforged Games
Weird Giraffe Games
Galatic Raptor Games
Many Sided Dice
Fantasy Flight Games
3D Total Publishing
DGS Games